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Welcome to Progress Politics, the blog site of Matt Lobosco. Matt is currently a junior at Marist College and is working to attain a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with a concentration in Journalism as well as a Minor in Political Science. Driven by his passion for writing and his affinity for learning and consuming news, Matt is pursuing the opportunity to enter the media industry and cover politics and other forms of hard news. Matt will be using this site for practical purposes to refine his ¬†writing skills as well as to provide insightful political commentary¬†and showcase his abilities.

Matt openly identifies as an independent progressive. He believes that the incorporation of the liberal progressive agenda has become vital to American politics. Matt vows to approach all commentary from a factual perspective. He will not hesitate to provide necessary criticism nor appraisal, regardless of the party or people involved.

Through the development of this site, Matt hopes to establish an acute comprehension of the news and to provide readers with informative content. Matt hopes the site is found to be enjoyable and useful for those who take the time to explore it.

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Phone: 732-320-8517

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