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"The time is always right to do what is right."-Martin Luther King Jr.

The GOP Tax Bill Gives Democrats an Opportunity to Take Control in Washington

If the 2016 presidential election showed us anything about American constituents, it is that they generally prioritize issues that directly affect their lives over everything else. Those who knew that they would be hurt by Hillary Clinton’s policies were willing... Continue Reading →


Meet Ro Khanna: The Type of Politician the Democrats Must Embrace

Politicians are elected to represent the people who put them into office and to construct legislation to improve their lives. Yet somehow in a country where citizens elect their own representatives, the United States Congress only holds an approval rating... Continue Reading →

Trump Proves He Has Duped His Voters With Latest Budget Proposal

It is astounding how people can act so far against their own self-interests without even coming to realize it. In today’s politics, we are seeing individuals voted into office by constituents who are totally oblivious to the negative effects that... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Missile Strike In Syria Shows The Danger of His Impulsive Behavior

One of the harshest realities of the world is that evil has and always will exist. It is a result of human nature and natural human conflict. In an ideal fairy tale setting, it would be a simple matter of... Continue Reading →

Trump May Have Painted The Democrats in a Corner in His Best Speech Yet

Much of the Democratic Party’s strategy for fighting Donald Trump has been to attack his character and his temperament. If the President’s first address to Congress is any indication of how he will approach the rest of his term, the... Continue Reading →

Dear Media, Get Ready to Fight

The Society of Professional Journalists defines its first rule of ethics as “Seek Truth and Report It”. By observing the behavior of our incoming President, I believe it is now more important than ever to not only seek and report,... Continue Reading →

The Hypocritical Uproar Over Meryl Streep’s Speech

It can be infuriating to listen to different people give their takes on political issues and realize how full of crap everyone really is. That being said, the pervasiveness of skewed social and political commentary makes someone who remains objective... Continue Reading →

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